Monday, March 31, 2014

March Failures Bring April... Shailures?

We have a habit of spiraling a bit after big events. Since Shamrock, while we've continued to work out, my eating habits have gotten worse and worse and our family spending has remained on vacation. I'm writing this on March 31st because April needs to bring change.

Weigh-In Wednesday will surely be a big ol' slap in the face this week. And maybe that's what needs to happen. I've been losing weight at a decent clip while only eating healthfully about half the time. So when the habits slowly deteriorate, or a big event causes a free fall, sometimes the consequences aren't immediate. I should be thanking my body for reminding me these last few weeks that eating poorly feels awful. I feel awful. After a Walking Dead party last night, I'm bloated and lethargic and just generally feeling fat. So change is the next step.

I'm really looking forward to having a stand-up desk again soon. It made a huge difference for me before I transferred to my current job, and sitting most of the day is really killing my back, my legs, and my energy. It's amazing the difference it can make.

Main foods for April:
-Smoothies for breakfast when I have time, cereal or oatmeal when I don't
-Nuts and seeds for snacks
-Greek yogurt
-Small, sensible lunches
-Pasta and veggies for dinner
-Beans and rice

I have two 5k's planned for this month. My legs have demanded restraint, and so lately I've just been walking at the gym (3.45 miles in about 55 minutes yesterday). I think my need to make everything about jogging is over. Now I'm just trying to get healthy. Walking at a good pace and incline for an hour certainly accomplishes that. I'm hoping to leave the talk of PRs and training for later in the year.

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