Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kvetch Me If You Can

Tomorrow is our final long run before the half marathon. I've thought about skipping the race and packing it in, but unless tomorrow is a total disaster, this is happening. I look forward to the end and starting over with more general goals.

The rest of 2014 will hopefully be about working out in varied, fun ways. I'll talk about Cycle Fit class in a future post, since getting back into that has been exciting.

Most weeks should break down something like:

Monday: Yoga For Back Pain video, 7 min workout app
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: Lift/short run or elliptical
Thursday: Cycle Fit
Friday: rest
Saturday: long run
Sunday: rest

Swap any family activity in on rest days. I hope to do something active every day.

As for running, I hope to actually start running. I'm sick of being a jog/walker, and this is all on me. The rest of this year will be focused on short, fun races, and here are some on the racedar:

Autism 5k
Trauma Trot 8k or 5k
On A Mission 5k and toddler dash
Vine to Wine 5k
Valley 4th 5k or 10k
3 Brothers 3 Miler
Autumn Toast 5k
Sherry Anderson 5k
Race to Beat Breast Cancer 5k
First Night 5k

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