Saturday, March 8, 2014

A New Focus

I've realized while struggling to train properly for this half marathon that perhaps I need to channel all of the buzzing in my head into a new focus. I'll either retitle this blog, or retire it and start a new one. Basically, I have thoughts. And I need them out. It's very difficult to find good life blogs about a Dad's perspective. My focus will be life. Naturally, my main interests will bubble to the top, so trying (succeeding!) to get fit will make up a lot of the time. But technology, TV, and of course my family will all be topics through the lense of a husband and father.

In a similar way, I want to get back to working out for health, doing runs for fun but also going to the gym and doing different things, which I have been recently. I'm also going to plan lots of 5ks this year, with the goal to PR, with the tertiary goal of getting to where I can run a whole one.

Let's see what shakes out.

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