Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2014 Race Plans

The Races
The only definite race for me this year is the Shamrock Half Marathon on Sunday. However, I have a bunch of local (within an hour) races that I will likely do, many of which we've done before. I planned to do several of these same races last year but bailed on them while eating for 6 months straight after Shamrock. Anyone who wants to join me please drop me a line. (races are on a Saturday unless otherwise marked)

Shamrock Half Marathon (March 16th; Sunday)
This is our 4th Shamrock year in a row, and of course my first half marathon. Virginia Beach is nice this time of year, and Shamrock weekend has become a tradition for our little family. Kacey is doing the Dolphin Challenge, which is the 8k on Saturday and the half on Sunday! Cutest of all, though, will be Nicky doing the Leprechaun Dash.

Autism 5k (April 5th)
The toughest 5k I've done in the area, the Autism 5k takes advantage of the hills by EMU. For two and a half years, my PR was from the 2011 running. If I do this one it will be my second time.

Grand Caverns 5k (April 25th; Friday)
The organizers describe this as flat, fast, and certified! It's out in Grottoes, VA, home to all manner of freaks and Justin. We bailed last year due to weather, so I've never done it. This will likely be the first of many evening races, which will be new to me. It also includes a 1 mile fun run.
I was looking for a short race for Kacey and I to do on our anniversary since it's a Saturday. This race is as local as it gets. The land is at least partly owned by one of our high school science teachers, and is in honor of a local doctor. There is also a 1k.
Running at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds always sounded fun to me, and it's another chance for the little man to run his diapered butt off. This should be hilarious.

Vine to Wine 5k (June 27th; Friday)
Running and spirits certainly go together, since the first beer after a race is nothing short of divine. We'll try our hand at the first of two wine runs at Barren Ridge Vineyards over in Fishersville.

Valley 4th 5k or 10k (July 4th; Friday)
We've attended Valley 4th and even went to cheer the runners during this race last year. This was right in the middle of my exercise swoon so I bailed on doing it. This year I definitely plan to make circles downtown!

Be Bold 4 Miler (August 2nd)
Behold, the Be Bold 4 Miler! Bold Rock Cidery will play host to the first hard cider race I've ever heard of. Sign me up!

3 Brothers 3 Miler (September 6th)
Kacey and I formed a relay team with our friend Kai and had a great time at the first-ever 3B3M. I'm already excited about doing it again. Hopefully Mama's Caboose will be in attendance! 3 Brothers Brewery really knew how to draw people in, what with the included beer ticket and team names on the batons. Team Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Let's Booze! had a kickass time. This year I hope they fancy up the batons a bit, but it was just a wonderful day for everyone. It's great to have such a quality taproom just down the street from us.

Autumn Toast 5k (September 26th; Friday)
Another race at Barren Ridge, and another evening race, this is the perfect time of year for a run, wine tasting, and fine dining. I'm hoping this will turn into a Neckotradition.
I did this race for the first time 2 years ago when Nicky was a little 1-month old peanut. Last year I chose to do the Sherry Anderson 5k instead. I'm likely going to do both if they don't conflict this year.

Any local Turkey Trot (November 27th; Thursday)
Anyone know of anything? It's always a good idea to workout in the morning when you plan to eat 47.3 pounds of food.

First Night 5k (December 31st; Wednesday)
Oh, the First Night 5k in downtown Harrisonburg. You are a slippery little devil, aren't you. In 2012, we set out as a family, only to have a 3-month old super meltdown cause a mommy DNF and a daddy Solo Scamper of Shame. Last year (not even 4 months ago) we were struck down by the flu and bailed the day of. So, 4 paid entries in 2 years has resulted in 1 finish. Math is stupid. This year we will rise up and conquer this downtown enigma.

Spacing Out

My basic plan, once I had laid out the main races I've done before or have tried to do before, was to space events out monthly. This will hopefully keep me motivated without being overwhelmed. The Sherry Anderson 5k, which I hope to do again, is not as pre-planned as the rest. Hopefully it will work out again this year. Perhaps they could use some help?

Race Organizers

Here are the local race organizers I pay attention to. I'm including 3rd party companies that organize at least 2 local races:

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