Sunday, February 16, 2014

Confessions of a Part Time Jogger

April will mark 5 years since our first race. It was a local 5k done to honor the memory of a local runner who was killed by a drunk driver while running. We walked it with maybe some jogging thrown in here and there, and we were so sore after it that we slowly limped to the local burger joint.

Nearly 5 years later, a quick jog/walk the other day felt like a short workout. It was well over two miles. I had no soreness and even made it through 8 miles today.

To real runners, though, what I did Friday wouldn't even count as a workout. And thus here are some confessions of a part time jogger.

1. I'm not a runner. I'm barely even a jogger. I jog and walk my miles, thus I am a sad, confused portmanteau: wogger. And I'm damn proud when I finish.

2. When I finish my first half marathon, and it will be in about six weeks if all goes well, I might display a 13.1 sticker. This is the sin of all sins in the running community, but it won't stop me!

3. Another common target is novices worrying about hydration for short races. Pardon us, but we larger runners/joggers/woggers/walkers worry about this type of thing because we sweat more than most. I try really hard to do 14 minute miles and it makes me thirsty.

A final thought

Last week our long run (7 miles) was the longest of my life. Today, 8 miles became the longest. This pattern will continue each week until the race. It's scary and exciting at the same time.

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