Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gotta Have Goals

What does it mean to set a goal? Sometimes I think of a goal and decide to go for it, and even in the excitement I feel the responsibility sliding off of me. In other words, I don't even take it seriously as it's being planned. This is a breakdown of my desire and my will. Those two things don't get along.

I've been following Sean Newell's excellent running blog on deadspin (http://deadspin.com/tag/runners-high-fidelity). He's honest and struggling and doesn't frankly give a shit if you like his taste in music. It helps me to see others out there with the same internal battles.

Externally, though, is where the failure begins and ends. Actually running has become a huge step that I can't seem to climb. My son has learned to go up (and down!) stairs and in the last year I've actually used my Nike watch 47 times, mostly this past winter. Sadly, before I went to smashrun.com to verify the number of times, I actually would have guessed that it was lower. Points, perhaps, for not thinking I'm doing more than I am?

I'm Jesse Pinkman, vacillating between up-beat and beat the hell up. And perhaps we both will have redemption. Either way, let's call running my meth and a half marathon my Heisenberg.

So the title of my next phase in life is:

Andrew Runs A... What? Are You Sure? OK. Seems Pretty Stupid, But It's Your Choice. Andrew Runs A Half Marathon.

Whew, I feel better, don't you? I'm not gonna make a bunch of rules to break, because what's the point? My first half is 6 months away (http://www.shamrockmarathon.com). I'm following a 24 month program starting September 30th, the Digital Running plan (https://www.digitalrunning.com/couch-to-half-marathon-plan/).

I'll try to update more often during this process. Perhaps I'll share playlists. Perhaps I'll share wisdom. Perhaps I'll just type S.O.S. into a post each week.

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