Monday, September 23, 2013

Race Schedule and List of Pains

Training for the Shamrock Anthem Half Marathon starts a week from today. There are two local races that I've done before which happen to slot in quite well with the training. By doing both I'll also continue my trend of increasing my race total by one each year (this started in 2009).

First up is the Sherry Anderson Memorial 5k on October 19th. This is the fifth year of the race, and after missing it last year I'm anxious to do it again. This is the second year at a 3rd total location, but this race has a lot of meaning since it's what started this whole jogging thing for both Kacey and I. It takes place on a 2 mile day, but I figure a Saturday is a good time to go over miles a bit. I'm not going to attempt to PR, just shoot for the low 40s (between 13 and 14 minute miles).

On New Year's Eve I'll likely do the First Night 5k. We did this last year and attempted to bring Nicky. It would have been his first race. Instead Kacey had to bail and take him to eat. We arrived too early and I'm sure if we are in town and decide to bring him this year it will be successful. Thanks to my parents we now have a BOB (the jogging stroller, not the rapper). Therefore it's completely feasible to PR at this bad boy. I'll be 3 months into half training. My goals for the year involved getting PRs in the three races I've done before. I took care of the 8k and failed at 10k. I don't plan to do a 10k again this year, so it would be nice to go 2 out of 3 and get below 40 min at this race. After that I have three months until the half. Unless another interesting local race pops up between those two I just plan to train.

As I prepare to jump feet-first into the most running in my entire history ever, I can't help but think about the various parts of my body that have given me issues in the past when working out. The following isn't necessarily about what hurts the most now or in the past, but about what I most (1) to least (8) worry about when thinking about the upcoming workouts:

1. Lower back - 5 years of dealing with this thing

2. Left knee - Pain comes and goes, but sometimes it makes stairs quite difficult

3. Right foot - Left plantar was bad, so the twinges I'm feeling are worrisome

4. Right glute - Only when I jog, definitely a concern

5. Right knee - Feeling pretty good on the whole

6. Left foot - The plantar is long gone and so far has shown no signs of returning

7. Right shoulder - Still plenty messed up but doesn't affect jogging

8. Left ankle - Feels fine these days

Wow, that list makes me feel really old. None of these issues are slowing me down. That would be my own fault. In fact, jogging consistently is sure to alleviate instead of aggravate most of these minor concerns. Thankfully I plan to do just that.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gotta Have Goals

What does it mean to set a goal? Sometimes I think of a goal and decide to go for it, and even in the excitement I feel the responsibility sliding off of me. In other words, I don't even take it seriously as it's being planned. This is a breakdown of my desire and my will. Those two things don't get along.

I've been following Sean Newell's excellent running blog on deadspin ( He's honest and struggling and doesn't frankly give a shit if you like his taste in music. It helps me to see others out there with the same internal battles.

Externally, though, is where the failure begins and ends. Actually running has become a huge step that I can't seem to climb. My son has learned to go up (and down!) stairs and in the last year I've actually used my Nike watch 47 times, mostly this past winter. Sadly, before I went to to verify the number of times, I actually would have guessed that it was lower. Points, perhaps, for not thinking I'm doing more than I am?

I'm Jesse Pinkman, vacillating between up-beat and beat the hell up. And perhaps we both will have redemption. Either way, let's call running my meth and a half marathon my Heisenberg.

So the title of my next phase in life is:

Andrew Runs A... What? Are You Sure? OK. Seems Pretty Stupid, But It's Your Choice. Andrew Runs A Half Marathon.

Whew, I feel better, don't you? I'm not gonna make a bunch of rules to break, because what's the point? My first half is 6 months away ( I'm following a 24 month program starting September 30th, the Digital Running plan (

I'll try to update more often during this process. Perhaps I'll share playlists. Perhaps I'll share wisdom. Perhaps I'll just type S.O.S. into a post each week.