Monday, October 22, 2012

That Was Different

I have a son. A month into his life and we're still figuring out how to balance his needs with ours. It's likely that this balancing and re-balancing will continue forever, and that's ok. We love the little guy. What we won't do is sacrifice our happiness and our bodies to take care of him, because frankly that's just a way of using our kids as an excuse to be lazy. His pediatrician told us that while of course our son needs more care now than he ever will, we still need to take care of ourselves and sometimes go out together without him and generally make sure we're happy and healthy, too. Nick is an amazing part of this family of three, but we still have our own identities and wants and needs. It was a relief to have an amazing doctor telling us this, as it only reinforced the way we already felt.

Happy, healthy parents have happy, healthy kids. I fully believe this. That doesn't mean working out six hours a day and ignoring your kids, but it means time alone to jog and lift (or do yoga or anything else) and create the energy and positive inertia one needs to be a patient, loving parent. And I'm basing this partly on the parents I know who are wonderful with their kids but still manage to kill it in the gym and on the roads.

I weigh 230.6 this morning. My weight goal was out of reach a few days ago (without some reality show trickery) so I focused more on having a fun 5k walk. Mom and I stayed together and didn't force our injury/surgery recovering bodies on the way to 49:16. Dad did 43:21. Oh, and last week he won the over 60 category at the Sherry Anderson 5k. NBD. I was below 230 for a few days two weeks ago, but slacked off on eating (still no dessert or soda!). My lowest was 228.6 and I will be back there soon.

With all of this in mind, my next goal point is simple. Eat better, do couch to 5k with Sean, lift with John, do back exercises, and PR the First Night 5k by Generations Crossing in downtown Harrisonburg on December 31st. Doing all of that should allow me to get below 225. Let's all make this a healthy fall, help each other out, and love our kids and ourselves.

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