Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Goals Reimagined

Midway through my next phase, perhaps it's time to evaluate where I've been and where I'm going. Surgery basically killed 3 weeks of my plan. I still ate reasonably well, but I got very few steps. So that goal is out the window. The biggest challenge will be still moving with a new baby, but I think we're up for it. Long walks will just be part of this kid's life, as will race day.

Let's detour into race day, shall we? Recently I cataloged every race Kacey and I have done. It's funny how this little semi hobby has turned into such a huge part of my future. I went from considering it a fun diversion to thinking of it as one of the biggest things to look forward to several times a year. I hope to never miss Shamrock weekend, for example. The baby will hopefully enjoy race day. There is lots going on, and just a happy, healthy vibe whether it's Shamrock, the Monument Ave 10k or a local 5k. Today I got an e-mail about the Santa 10 miler (and 5k) and I definitely plan to do that in December 2013.

We've been trying to downsize our stuff for the last few years. At some point, you realize that having a lot of stuff can be suffocating. So I've decided to only collect one thing: race medals. The beauty of charity races is they realize people are willing to pay a little more for a keepsake. Race number sheets wear out, shirts get old, but no matter where we end up living I'll find a place to display my medals. Who cares if everyone gets one? It's there for the memories, not bragging rights. I just wish every race gave them out!

Here are my current PRs:

5k - 40:09 (Harrisonburg Autism 2011, 12:55/mile)
8k - 1:25:59 (Virginia Beach Shamrock 2012, 17:18/mile)
10k - 1:27:08 (Richmond Monument Ave 2011, 14:01/mile)

My original goal was to PR a 5k on October 20th. I'm back to walking a lot, but jogging still feels stabby. So that isn't likely. But when I wrote down every race I've done, I also realized I've done every Sherry Anderson 5k, so I might do the 4th annual on Oct 13th. At the worst I'll have fun long walks on consecutive Saturdays. But for a PR, let's just plan to PR all three race lengths over the next 15 months. That gives me several chances at 5ks, and perhaps more than one 8k to get a PR.

Here are the rest of my goals, keeping in mind that I'm just past halfway done:
  • Desserts: Keep not eating it. Got it? Got it.
  • Other food changes: Just be sensible and really try to track calories.
  • Cardio for at least 20 minutes, 3 times a week
  • Take the baby for many awesome walks.
  • Lift once a week, do back exercises 4 times a week (I go back to the doc on Monday)
  • Only drink water, sparkling water with real fruit in it (or natural flavors at the very least), or unsweetened almond milk. Absolutely no soda, milkshakes, etc.
  • Cigars: 1, on or around September 15th.
  • Alcohol: Drink no more than two nights a week, beer or wine only (no sugary mixed drinks). This will not take effect until well into P2, as two weeks into JFJ I swore off alcohol until Kacey can drink again. Once the baby is here, this will be the only exception to my rules on what I can drink.
  • Just eat better in general (Veggies, cut down on meat from ~14 times a week to ~7).
  • Steps are up in the air. At this point I want to walk as much as possible after the baby is born, but it won't be my focus.
  • Get down into the 220s. I'm close so I think I can do it.
Lastly, since I haven't touched alcohol in months, I wanted to list my favorite beers. I look forward to moderately drinking the following:
  • Chimay Red
  • Landshark
  • Shocktop
  • Legend Brown Ale
  • Heavy Seas Loose Cannon

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  1. Keep it up Andrew! You look great! (Am I allowed to say that??) I think your goals are really well thought out and reasonable. And if you miss one, you just keep going. It's a lifestyle change!