Monday, July 16, 2012

Cheating at Solitaire

Like the album name implies, I have cheated many times since I started this short journey. I'm only cheating myself, though. And I tell myself just don't think twice, it's all right.

My cheating involves weighing myself. Just couldn't help it. Of all the rules I made, this one was clearly the least important. I threw it in there on a whim. So ignoring it doesn't make me feel guilty.

More than two weeks in I feel my confidence growing. When I talked about this time of year having relatively few tests, clearly I hadn't really figured out what the month would bring. Parties, lunches with friends, dinners out, a few road trips, and the need to resist the voice of hunger is slowly going away. This past weekend in particular was a true test. Many hours on the road and a full day out in Raleigh, NC with friends. I handled it all pretty well. Now I just need to try and be reasonable about portions and the content of my main courses.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

5 Days In

When I started this mini journey it wasn't about weight loss. The main goal has always been to kick my sugar habit. The hidden goal, though, is to lose some weight, even a little bit. So far it's been fairly easy to avoid (and control myself around) sugary snacks/drinks/desserts. Five days in I haven't yet cheated. But it can be complicated.

The other day, on the way to my mother-in-law's salon, I thought about how the first thing I do when we walk in is grab a few cookies. I made sure to keep that thought active so I wouldn't mess up out of reflex. Last night the issue wasn't cupcakes downtown during the Valley 4th celebration, it was the fresh lemonade I had to struggle to avoid. In the 'burg fresh lemonade means a few lemons, some water, and several cups of sugar.

A friend told me today that when we meet this coming Monday for lunch I shouldn't worry about finding food; surely there will veggies and dirt at the restaurant. That's when I assured him my meals hadn't actually changed all that much. I had tacos tonight and bacon at lunch. I'm hoping to lose some weight by just cutting a few things out and exercising more.

Yes, I know that getting really healthy will require a re-doubling of my commitment after this five weeks. My main courses will need to radically change. But I've been backsliding for eight years and it's time to grab onto what I can. That damn pendulum isn't swinging back on its own anytime soon. And this small step, cutting out the least nourishing foods and worthless drinks, can bring me progress after just five weeks. That can start me down a path that will hopefully be my gut's final undoing.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


July 1st weight: 257.4

My goal is to not weigh myself again until the final morning of this challenge.

Events where I would normally eat poorly are obstacles. Today we went to a movie (Ted) and that meant Twizzlers! Or in this case that meant sneaking a Raw Rev bar and water bottles into the theater. Luckily, Kacey has a purse that would hold a small child (that may actually come in handy in a few months). The movie was hilarious, and I didn't even miss my Twizzlers.

I didn't get a lot of steps today, but I only have the energy to fight one battle at the moment. It's 9:36, so perhaps there is time for a short walk before bed. One day down!