Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nerding Up

Disclaimer: I'm typing this post on my iPad. Apparently in some circles that makes me evil. I'm also watching Terra Nova on the Xbox in the background. The Xbox sits near an Apple TV, and once I am able to join the Republic Wireless beta I will have an Android phone. I have neither cable nor brand loyalty. That's how we roll in this house.

I used to painstakingly track my daily steps in Google Docs. I quit after a few months at JMU when my pedometer broke. Recently, Rabia got me back into tracking steps, so I went a little overboard. Yesterday I created a brand new doc that tracks daily steps. And it tracks my total for the week. And my daily average. And what my daily average would be if I didn't take anymore steps that week. And how many steps I need for the rest of the week to average 5000 a day. And how many I need the rest of the week to average 10000 a day. Whew. Will any of this help me take more steps? I hope so. Since I injured my back again two weeks ago, I've been slowly increasing my activity. Next week my goal is 6000 steps a day. Hopefully my super nerdy doc will help!

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